WhatsApp is openly flouting Delhi HC’s ruling against its privacy policy

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¬†WhatsApp is a badass. Even after the Delhi High Court issued a ruling against the messaging service’s updated privacy policy, it seems WhatsApp is just nonchalant about it and going through with it anyway.

Last week, the Delhi High Court, after a PIL, issued a ruling that WhatsApp has to remove data about all those users who choose to delete WhatsApp from their devices.

The judges ordered WhatsApp not to share the information of those who uninstalls WhatsApp with Facebook, the parent company of the messaging app.

In addition, the ruling said only information collected after September 25 by existing users can be shared with Facebook.

Even for users who do not wish to be on WhatsApp, the messaging app cannot share information collected before September 25.

The ruling also mentions asking the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to consult whether messaging apps need regulation in the country.

However, WhatsApp is paying no heed to the ruling and has told Mashable India that it is proceeding with sharing information with Facebook as planned.

WhatsApp spokesperson Anne Yeh was quoted by Mashable saying, “The ruling has no impact on the planned policy and terms of service updates.”

Petitioner Karmanya Singh and Shreya Sethi filed the PIL after WhatsApp came out with an updated privacy policy and terms of service on August 25.

The Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF), an advocate of free and unbiased internet also welcomed the Delhi High Court’s ruling. In a statement, IFF said, “Cases like these demonstrate the lack of an institutional mechanism to protect user privacy and provide a remedy to citizen. In the absence of substantive clarity and a process to enforce it, people are constrained to public interest petitions which remain ad-hoc remedies.”