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Vine may live on, Twitter trying to sell it

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After announcing that it will eventually shut down the short-form video app, Twitter received a large number of bids to buy the app. TechCrunch reports that a number of Asian bidders has reached out to Twitter to make a deal. Among them, a rumored bidder is the Japanese messaging and gaming app LINE.

Twitter made the sad announcement of shutting down Vine on October 27th, but it also said it will be keeping the archives of Vines playable and users can download their content. However, Twitter didn’t make any further announcements about the app, indicating that it may be in active talks with buyers to sell the app.

TechCrunch has learnt that some of the offers being made are for less than $10 million. So Twitter may not be making much money selling the app. Yet, it may be worthwhile for Twitter to keep the alive, albeit through a different owner, in order to retain the strong integration between the two platforms. Vine videos play instantly on Twitter, helping Twitter’s ambition to serve more videos through the micro-messaging platform.

Vine could also help Twitter earn more revenues through its sponsored content program which Niche, the social media talent broker startup acquirted by Twitter can arranges to be displayed on the Twitter stream.

Earlier, the New York Times reported that even with Twitter trying to sell itself, it is looking to get rid of Vine first, which was costing Twitter $10 million a month in infrastructure and employees.

And after Twitter announced the eventual farewell for Vine, selling the app was probably the last thing on its mind. Until it saw the world-wide sadness from the Vine community. It may have boosted Twitter’s intentions of selling off the app to someone willing to take on the operating costs of keep the short-form video platform alive.