NASA’s Juno Probe Just Sent Its First Vacation Pic And We Are Jealous AF

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A five-year long hike and a few heart-in-the-mouth hours later, NASA’s Juno spacecraft finally entered the orbit of our giant gas buddy, and has just sent us back its first view of what will be its home for the next one and half years.

Six days after entering orbit, Juno initialized its visible light camera for the first time. Lovingly called JunoCam, it captured a stunning image of Jupiter, with the giant red spot visible along with Ganymede, Lo and Europa.

Lo is Jupiter’s hot-headed moon, marked by massively violent volcanic activity, while Ganymede and Europa are calmer siblings believed to be harboring hidden oceans. Europa also happens to be the most likeliest place where signs of life could be found.

Juno was sent to study the massive auroras and to peek beneath the gas clouds to look for signs of life. It will orbit the planet for a good one and half years, capturing photos and taking data inputs from the gas giant’s atmosphere, before moving on to its next mission.

Image Source: NASA

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