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Is iPhone 6 The Cause of Delay for iPad Pro?

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Apple must have known that demand for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus would be astronomical, but its suppliers may not have gotten the memo.

They’re reportedly struggling to keep up with iPhone 6 demand, and as a result the rumored iPad Pro has been delayed yet again, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The iPad Pro is said to be a 12.9-inch version of Apple’s flagship tablet, with a focus on business and possibly even – gasp! – an “iStylus.”

One version could even dual-boot Apple’s two operating systems, OS X and iOS, according to one source.

Coming soon

But those fabled “people familiar with the matter” told the WSJ that the iPad Pro won’t enter production in December like it was supposed to.

Last we heard, Apple was on track for a 2015 iPad Pro release date, and that could very well still be the case.

It seems we’ll find out for sure on October 16, when Apple has confirmed it’s holding its next event.

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