Government funded budget Aakash tablet project officially closed earlier this year

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An RTI (Right to Information) filing made with the government has revealed that the Aakash project, which was set up to bring budget Android tablets on the cheap was officially shut down earlier this year after meeting the necessary targets.

It is said that the Government of India wanted to sell over 1 lakh units of the device in the country and with that target being reached, the company has officially decided to cease production and development of the tablet. The government is said to have spent a total of Rs 47.72 crores in the project since 2011, when the project was officially green lit.

The project also involved setting up dedicated Aakash centres across the country, with over 300 of them being established, mostly in engineering colleges. The project was handled by IIT Bombay, although it was originally assigned by the government to IIT Rajasthan.

Given the nature of the tablet, it wasn’t without its set of complaints. Users have seen problems with basic functionality and the hardware in general, so it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for Aakash tablets in India. But the key selling point for the device was the pricing, which made it a significant project for the central government.

There are several other budget tablets in the market available today, which makes the Aakash rather redundant. That being said, commercial availability has been bit of an issue with the Aakash tablet, which was always expected given that it was targeted towards a certain demographic.

Source: PTI