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Google Allo: Here’s what to expect!

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To overthrow WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger in what it does best is really an ambitious dream, as well as an uphill task. But this is exactly what Google’s Allo messaging up will embark upon.

In its arsenal, the app will have support for GIF images, Snapchat-like ability to destroy messages, end-to-end encryption and Google Assistant set loose in the conversations, according to Android Police.

Screenshots posted on the website reveal the features Allo will have in its final release.

Google Allo will require only your phone number to send messages, location, photos, videos and GIFs.

It will also require your Google Account to provide the Google Assistant service, the AI-based virtual assistant that will intelligently take cues from your conversations to provide results.

An annotation feature has also been revealed with which you can write text on photos before you share. Like WhatsApp, Allo will run the files shared through a compression engine making it easier to send them on a low-speed connection.

The app will have three sets of stickers pre-installed with the option of downloading more.

There will also be voice-messaging, almost exactly like that of WhatsApp’s, with a few changes in aesthetics.

As a means to set itself apart from the rest of the herd, Allo will have the ability to send self-destructing messages, like that of Snapchat. Messages sent using this feature will vanish from the recipient’s inbox after a stipulated amount of time.

Google announced Allo along with its video-calling app Duo during I/O 2016. Both these apps are Google’s larger plans to have specific apps offering specific services like messaging, video-calling, etc. Both Allo and Duo replaces Google Hangouts which used to be Google’s video-calling and messaging app rolled into one.