Ever Wished For A Chair That Can Re-assemble On Its Own? Wish Granted.

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Gone are the days of carpenter as this robotic chair can breathe new life on its own. It is the brain child of Canadian artist Max Dean and Raffaello D’Andrea, an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Cornell University. This piece of robotic art can collapse into a disjointed pile of wood and then reassemble again on its own.

It looks like a generic wooden chair and is guided by an overhead vision system and controlled over a wireless network via an external computer. Various algorithms help the broken parts get together.

The wonder chair, which has sweeped the viewers off their feet, has been exhibited at IdeaCity in Canada, ARS Electronica in Austria, ARCO in Spain and the London Art fair, along with many other international venues. And now, it is a part of the permanent collection at the National Gallery of Canada. Take a look!

(Video credit: MediaArtTube on YouTube)
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