Apple’s TV app wants to be the one-stop solution to all your TV viewing needs

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At its special event at the Cupertino headquarters, Apple announced the launch of a flurry of new features for the new AppleTV. The new AppleTV comes with more new apps including Minecraft and Real Racing 3. But the most significant feature is a TV guide app that aggregates television content from thousands of TV channels. Incidentally, no Netflix content integration.

Twitter’s Product Manager took the stage and announced an AppleTV app for Twitter. And from today, Twitter will broadcast NFL games with the Twitter interface embedded deep into the experience. The Siri remote will enable viewers to jump straight into the conversation on Twitter directly on the TV screen.

The TV Guide app is named quite minimalistically, TV. And it aims to be the one-stop solution to all your TV viewing needs. It features a contextual UI which preempts the content you want to watch based on your past viewing habits. There’s also a list of showcased content which includes TV shows, movies and documentaries. The TV app integrates with almost all streaming services including HBO GO, Hulu, Starz and the likes, and brings in their content over to the TV app. It offers an universal login option for all the streaming services you are subscribed to.

In addition, all your iTunes purchases will also appear on the TV app. And the TV app won’t be just for the Apple TV. It will also become available on iPhones and iPad along with an integration with Siri. Just ask Siri for the show you want to watch and it will start the show right where you left off, on any Apple device.

And it’s not just streaming content that can be watched from the TV app. Live channels like news, sports and everything else is all accessible from the TV app. Ask Siri for the show and Siri will know which content is playing on what channel and will take you straight on to that channel.

After waging a war on taking over our palms, our workspaces and our couches (with the iPad), Apple is aiming for the living room now with the TV app. Tim Cook said the future of TV is apps and with the new AppleTV, developers have now taken over the biggest screen in your house.

The TV app will go live from the end of this year with an update to Apple TVs and iPhones.